Senin, 28 Februari 2022

Amerta Coco

Amerta Coco Indonesia - Best Coconut Supplier

WE ARE THE COCONUT SPECIALIST, Amerta Coco Indonesia are best coconut supplier from Indonesia also known as best manufacturer coconut from Indonesia.

Amerta Coco

Amerta Coco are well known as best desiccated coconut Indonesia supplier. 

Coconut  derivatives products from indonesia by AMERTA COCO as a best supplier coconut from indonesia. Driven by the growing marketplace and increasing demand of coconut derivatives worldwide. As we growth we expanded our business to Coconut Manufacturing. Today we are a leading manufacturer distributor of Coconut derivatives based in Indonesia, primarly Desiccated Coconut, Virgin Coconut oil, Which we distribute both domestically and internationally. 

With the ever increasing local and foreign demand for Coconut derivatives, AMERTA COCO INDONESIA strives to provide the highest quality coconut from Indonesia products with competitive pricing alongside and ongoing development for sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices.

The protection of local farmer is also crucial part of our success. Creating a safe and healthy environment is imperative to taking care of our local team and improving their own well-being and quality of life. Building this trust is key to our success, not only with our team of farmer but also with our business partners, employee, and customers.

Quality First Principle

We believe in always delivering the internationally recognised standard of quality and beyond. 

  • Integrity ; We believe that individual and organizational integrity and ethics are non-negotiable in our professional undertaking.
  • Pioneering ; We believe in being a pioneer and the benchmark of the coconut industry. Our works are exemplary to the rest of the world’s coconut industry players.
  • Market-driven ; We believe in being market-driven in our innovation, execution philosophy and continuous improvement efforts.
  • Sustainability ; We believe in sustainable and balanced approach to advancing our causes. We believe in environmental, social and economic sustainability in materializing our company’s vision and objectives.


Indonesia, Jalan kejora 6, Metland menteng Kota Jakarta Timur, Daerah Khusus ibukota Jakarta 13960

iG : @amertacoco

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