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Shine BnB Hotel

Shine BnB Hotel - Penginapan Terbaik di Cianjur

Shine BnB offers uniquely themed rooms that you deserve to choose as accommodation. Around 5 minutes by walk from Alun-Alun Cianjur, Shine BnB is suitable for those of you who are looking for a quiet and comfortable stay.

Shine BnB
Shine BnB

Shine BnB
Shine BnB

Talking about location, Shine BnB located at the Cianjur city center, just 5 minutes walk from Alun Alun Cianjur, nearby famous culinary spot such as Moi Tung Restaurant, Ikan Bakar Cianjur, Asinan Cianjur. Some tourism spot such as Gunung Padang, Taman Safari Indonesia, Kebon Raya Cibodas  and Taman Bunga Nusantara within the reach by car about 1-2 hours drive.

Hotel & Restaurant & Activities

Each room is equipped with various facilities such as Air Conditioning, TV, mineral water, desk and shower. And also has public facilities such as parking area, café, restaurant, room service and free Wi-Fi access in public area.Shine BnB is the first and the only thematic hotel in Cianjur city. We have 32 rooms that uniquely differ from one another, because all of the room are painted with special mural. You will really experience a memorable moment during your stay at our hotel. Some room have a bunk bed design, some kind of mezzanine design, so the guest will have a space to relax at the below, while the bed is at the upper site. You can find the picture or have a room tour before you book your choice.

Shine BnB has  a Rustic Industrial design concept, means there will be a lot of using of metal element, and the space in the surrounding area, will be let unfinished. So there will be a lot of bricks wall, some electrical cable and pipe that were exposed. We have a lot of ornament with special design from one of the famous  artist in Bandung, such as standing lamp, painting, ornament made of metal. You can also find it at the rooms. The mural painting artist is from ITB Bandung ; from the lobby, café and restaurant, living room, all over the 32 rooms within Shine BnB area.

For those who likes to take a pictures, it will be a pleasure to provide you will all of the instagrammable spot. Sometimes we have a lot of customer to have a pre wedding photo session at our hotel.

Hoping you will enjoy during your stay at our Hotel.

Stay with us , and Feel like Home

Hospitality is our passion so we will make your stay memorable!

Penginapan terbaik di Cianjur, instagramable, nyaman, ada wifi, cafe. Pelayanan baik, Bersih. Berada di pusat kota Cianjur, akses mudah mau kemana aja

Shine BnB Hotel

Jl. Selamat No.60, Bojongherang, Kec. Cianjur, Kabupaten Cianjur

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